Goodbye Gentoo and microblog.

hmm, so I installed debian again on my laptop yesterday (instead of doing coursework). The compile-time got to me again. However it[gentoo] is one of the few distro’s which currently have the 2.6.16 kernel, which includes the drivers required for my desktop’s TV card (according to various websites – completely untested by me). Gentoo did well to last a week, most other distro’s aren’t so lucky.

On another note, microlog helpfully embeds smilies within other BBCode blocks, including code blocks (which SimplePHP Blog did too and is simply irritating) and url=$url – this breaks horribly when it replaces some text in $url with a smilie. Nested html tags DO NOT WORK and thus both the url and the text displayed is horribly broken. Oh well, off I go to find another piece of blog software.


In the good old days(tm), before I started blogging and stuff I used to e-mail myself weblinks if I didn’t want to lose them. Since I’m now blogging and have recently completely replaced the way I get my email, I’m now sorting out the contents of my inbox and removing these links. Anything which is still useful or relevent is here:

A simple text list of ‘language notes’ on python. It’s really useful and concise, as well as listing most of the nifty things you can do with the Python language.

A comprehensive guide to the stuff you can do with .htaccess. It’s lists juast about everything you could do (or at least want to do) with the .htaccess file in a straightforward way. One of the better references for doing stuff with a .htaccess file.

Lots of shiny icons.

The exceptionally shiny flurry screensaver from MacOSX for windows

Howto use 3rd party encoders with exact audio copy (e.g. FLAC)

Nifty settings and stuff for mutt

An intersting article on gentoo in the server room

Gentoo Linux

Hmm, so I installed Gentoo on my laptop again. Despite the time spent compiling it (yes, I did a Stage 1 install, using the approved method for Stage 1 Gentoo install), I really do apprecate the reasons I liked Gentoo in the first place. Sensible defaults (like Arch Linux) and no silly dialogs when you install packages means that installation is pratically unattended and most of the time stuff ‘just works'(tm) without any further editing. On top of that it is stupidly fast, since everything is compiled for my computer’s specific arcitecture and by using the USE flags nothing I don’t need is compiled in.

I managed to setup (with a little effort and some head-bashing – for some reason xbindkeys doesn’t like running xtrlock directly so I had to use xautolock to hax it) a minimalistic desktop, based upon a tutorial on UWLUG. Just for reference, here’s the relevent config files:


XTerm*background: Black
XTerm*foreground: White
XTerm*visualBell: True
XTerm*eightBitInput: false
XTerm*metaSendsEscape: true
xautolock*locker: xtrlock
! timeout of 3 mins before locking
xautolock*time: 3
! Active corner = bottom right
xautolock*corners: 000+
! Corner timeout = 1 second
xautolock*cornerdelay: 1


"xautolock -locknow &"
"xautolock -exit &"
"opera &"


tpb -d
xv -quit -root -rmode 5 -max ~/36275-emerge.jpg
#xpenguins & # This and conky do _NOT_ get along as both like the root window (xpenguins destroys parts of conky until it refreshes)
conky -d
evilwm -snap 10 &
exec xautolock

Just to annoy Faux, his blog is available at this page.