Goodbye Gentoo and microblog.

hmm, so I installed debian again on my laptop yesterday (instead of doing coursework). The compile-time got to me again. However it[gentoo] is one of the few distro’s which currently have the 2.6.16 kernel, which includes the drivers required for my desktop’s TV card (according to various websites – completely untested by me). Gentoo did well to last a week, most other distro’s aren’t so lucky.

On another note, microlog helpfully embeds smilies within other BBCode blocks, including code blocks (which SimplePHP Blog did too and is simply irritating) and url=$url – this breaks horribly when it replaces some text in $url with a smilie. Nested html tags DO NOT WORK and thus both the url and the text displayed is horribly broken. Oh well, off I go to find another piece of blog software.

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