Ututo, SuSE 10.1 & Debian and the evil KDE

Last weekend was a Warwick CompSoc LAN party weekend, which for me ment the customary ‘trying the latest Linux releases’ as well as playing the odd game. (Incidentally, Fred introduced me to TO:Crossfire which is a great mod for UT2004, and looks to be better than Tactical Ops for UT)

A friend of mine (and shameless free-as-in-speach-software advocate and HURD user), Tim, asked me to try Ututo for him, so I tried to install it on my laptop first. For some reason it failed to boot past the ‘ISOLINUX’ stage. Suspecting a possibly duff CD-R I used the downloaded ISO image to install it in a virtual machine. It successfully installed in the VM, but failed to boot. Declaring Ututo an unmitigated failure, I moved on…

Next on the list was SuSE 10.1 which had been released on Thursday. SuSE 10.1 seems a lot stabler than 9.3 and 10.0 were. I only had one KDE application crash on me, where as on 9.3 and 10.0 this was a regular occurence. The knetworkmanager application is a fantastic addition to the KDE desktop, and automatically picked up the university access point which was within range at the LAN. For Linux newbies, and people who want a ‘just works’ Distro SuSE 10.1 has to be one of the best. Shame I don’t fall into one of those groiups ;)

…so back to Debian. After re-installing it I decided to install KDE since it is a nice desktop (dispite the fact that, by default, konqueror, konsole and konversation all use different shortcuts for switching between tabs. (Alt+Left/Right, Shift+Left/Right and Ctrl+,/. iirc)). For a distro which has a reputation for being Gnome-oriented when using a full desktop environment its KDE packages are great. Everything just works as expected, and I’m very pleased with it. I wonder how long it’ll last until I decide to go back to something more minimal (e.g. evilwm).

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