Courier-imap-ssl woes

In order to be able to resize RAID5 arrays in my mailserver, I upgraded from Debian Stable->Testing as it broke less than trying to manually install the relivent packages needed from experimental and unstable. In order to resize RAID5, according to Steinar H. Gunderson, you need a 2.6.17-rc* kernel and mdadm tools>=2.4.1. Thankfully the updated mdadm tools are in unstable so installing them on testing was trivial. linux-imager-2.6.17-rc3 is in experimental, so installing that was also strightforward, just a case of adding an experimental source, aptitude update, aptitude install linux-image-2.6.17-rc3, and removing the experimental source).

After the stable->testing upgrade everything seemed to be working fine. My mail was still being fetched and delivered locally, mutt was working fine, apache2 was still running and the imaps daemon was still going. This morning I tried to access my email through the copy of SquirrelMail I have installed for eash access without having to ssh into the box. It failed to login with the message:

Error connecting to IMAP server: tls://localhost.
115 : Operation now in progress

To see if the courier-imap-ssl daemon was just not accepting connections I fired up Thunderbird (which I havn’t used in sometime, since setting up my mailserver). Thunderbird connected successfully and happily talked to the mailserver, fetched my current inbox and allowed me to poke my emails although it didn’t seem to like some locally created emails with attachments (it just refused to show the attachments). Starting the non-ssl daemon and telling SquirrelMail to use that instead work, but it should be able to use the ssl daemon. It was working fine under stable!

According to DirectAdmin Knowledge Base the error is caused by a bug in PHP. Their solution seems to be to rebuild everything from source. I think I’ll try some less-drastic solutions first, such as downgrading SquirrelMail to the version in Stable, and if that doesn’t work downgrading PHP too. or I could try installing PHP5 (I assume it’s still using 4.something atm).

Anyway, I have two exams in the next 24hours so more pokeage of this will have to wait until the weekend.

Following some interesting reading on, and on the matter I decided to try installing PHP5 (as those seem to indicate, on debian, the problem is an openssl<->php incompatibility). After installing PHP5 it all worked as expected. Hurray! Now for some revision, honest.

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