I don’t want it to be intuitive, I want it to be useful.

In today’s ‘Computer Weekly’ magazine there was an article on page 10 entitled ‘Microsoft has never been just about Bill Gates’. Contained within this article was the wonderful paragraph:

Office 2007 is going to boost productivity for businesses and with Windows Vista we are going to see a step change in the operating system that is much more flexible, mure intuitive and more secure than ever.

I prefer to use Linux for just about all of my work, although my desktop computer still runs Windows so I can play computer games. Why do I prefer Linux, well for one VIM. I know GVIM is available for windows, but it just doesn’t have the same feel as proper command-line VIM even under X11. There are a number of good text-editors for windows which allow the use of regex’s etc, and I could probably use one of them relatively well after finding and configuring appropriate shortcuts so I don’t have to use the menus. The major fall of Windows is the lack of a development environment by default. Under (almost)every Linux distribution you can download a suitable packaged program in .tar.gz format, extract it, run make and it will compile and most of the time correctly find any libraries which are required providing they are installed. Using VisualStudio Express edition (the free, cut-down development environment Microsoft have recently made available) I have to goto the website of each of the libraries I need, download and install them seperately (oh for package management which allows the whole lot to be installed with one command), then add each of the places where these annoying installers put the libraries to the project’s library search path before it will compile. This is harder, more time consuming and downright frustrating than just running ‘make’.

Windows is already intuative enough (in fact, far to much so in my opinion), perhaps Microsoft should take the time to actually make the system useful instead of trying to simplify things further for the user (XP’s default Control Panel which doesn’t give you access to half of the applets anyone?).

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