“Life is just one damned thing after another.” (Elbert Hubbard)

Since my last post I have received, filled in and returned all of the paperwork required for my job, which I am now starting on June 10th, one week after my exams finish.

My first exam, neural computing, went well – I had little problem completing the required number of questions without struggling for content, in the case of the essay portions, or forgetting the required equations in the case of the maths. I was quite encouraged by how the exam went, having had severe doubts about my ability to complete the exams satisfactorially in the weeks leading up to it.

My sister, who is still in a secure mental health unit in hospital, now seems to be moving from one crisis to another. In the past few weeks, she had taken a potentially fatal overdose (despite being in a ‘secure’ unit) and has been unable to eat properly until recently as a result. My mother, one of my other sisters and I went to visit her today (my parents have been visiting her almost daily since she was first taken to the unit) where we took her to a bookshop and bought her some hot chocolate in Sinsbury’s cafe. Since leaving her at the unit this afternoon, she has apparently tried to force her way out and has now been sectioned under the mental health act to prevent her from leaving (presumably due to the threat she poses to herself outside of the unit).

The ongoing situation is putting massive stress on the family at home to the extent that my mother now feels unable to go to work and I eventually fled back to Coventry last week (I felt unable to leave earlier in the week because of the state of my mother) as I could no longer cope, despite the fact that it ment leaving my mother sobbing on the doorstep. I feel terrible as a result.

At Church this morning we also found out that the husband of one of the members of the clergy team died suddenly yesterday afternoon, with no apparent cause or warning. As a result the entire service was very subdued and we are all thinking of his wife and children at the moment.

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