About time for another post.

Having written nothing on my blog since the 1st of September I feel it’s about time to flex my inability to spell (made worse by the fact that my sister has stolen“borrowed” the dictionary I keep by my computer) again and write something.

Since my last post:

  • I have quit my job.
  • I have started a new job (“IT Services Specialist”) at Loughborough University, part time.
  • I have returned to my job at Startin Tractors for the other half of the week.
  • my sister has been moved to a more secure secure ward – she’s now locked up with the likes of mentally ill prisoners.

Still it’s all good.

I only wish I had something interesting to put here, but I can not think of anything so instead I’m just going to provide a link to http://bash.org, to annoy anyone trying to work at this point.

One thought on “About time for another post.”

  1. Hey,

    I set up loughborough compsoc about four years ago, and it’s gone the same way as UWCS… I visited you guys a few times – and I’m good friends with murphybob.

    I’m frequently back down in loughborough, we’ll have to meet up sometime!

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