Migrating from fastcgi to cgi

I’ve just migrated all of the sites on my VMS (including this blog) from running on a fastcgi backend to running on a cgi backend. Why, you may ask. Well, although fastcgi is substantially more responsive than plain old cgi (since it keeps the processes running between requests so the process start-up and take-down times are removed) it consumes much more memory (due to keeping the processes around). Nowadays this is not normally a problem but on a virtual machine with only 128MB available and no swap memory usage becomes a big issue.

By moving from fastcgi to “normal” cgi and tweaking my mysql config I have increased the free memory when the machine is idle from 4MB to 80MB and now have lots of headroom if a single process (e.g. DenyHosts, which is idling at 20MB) decides it wants loads of ram before the Linux low memory reaper starts killing processes.

As a slight aside, the bigest memory hogs on my box are Python programs (DenyHosts [~20M] and rss2email [~45M]). I don’t know it this is a fault with Python or the way the scripts are written (or both, not being intimately familiar with Python I don’t know if it encourages conservative use of memory or not).

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