Picture of me

I'm Laurence. I currently work in the Research Software Group, providing BEAR Software services, at The University of Birmingham as a Senior Research Software Engineer (although I do less programming now than when I was a System Administrator - I should do a blog post about that!). My staff page on our website has this summary of me:

Laurence has 10 years experience as a high performance computing (HPC) system administrator, at both Birmingham and Loughborough universities where he spent a substantial amount of time helping users with their HPC jobs and troubleshooting HPC software problems. He was heavily involved in the procurement of the latest iteration of BlueBEAR, as well as two clusters at Loughborough, and is a RedHat Certified Engineer. Prior to this he was a software developer writing stock management systems for car and tractor dealerships. He has a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Warwick.

...the Blog

This Blog replaces my old Wordpress one and uses a single source to generate a public and private set of pages with notes, musings, technical content, moans and general randomness.

This iteration of my Blog uses Jekyll to generate the static HTML you are now reading.

For more information see the first post I did on this Blog, in which I talk about my thoughts, rational and intent with this change to Jekyll.