So, I've started a new blog. It think this is my 3rd or 4th Blog, although it's the first new one in over 13 years, since I switched to Wordpress in April 2006.

I've changed to the Jekyll platform/tool to publish this one. My intention is that this Blog will be a repository for both my random public musings, such as this, and "private" (in the sense of "unpublished and not intended to be coherent for other's consumption") notes, taking advantage of Jekyll's --unpublished option to include the "unpublished" posts in my private version. It will be replacing two seperate systems, Wordpress and DokuWiki, which I had been using for Blogging and personal notes respectively.

I'm hoping that merging my notes and Blog in a single platform will mean that the Blog gets updated more regularly (and with potentially more interesting technical stuff), rather than as-and-when I remember it exists.

I've decided for the time being not to include my old posts Wordpress blog's posts here, or in the "private" version of this Blog, although I have used Jekyll's conversion script to dump them all in html, with Jekyll front-mater, files for posterity. At some-point I may choose to go through them and retrospectively "port" some of them to this Blog.