You may have noticed there appears to have been no posts since one on October 30th until one on 5th April. This is not because I have not written any, and a flurry (well, 8 including this one) of new posts have appeared in the last few days, beginning with that one on the 5th April. These are ones that I had “written” in my head but not yet committed to actual posts; the Bank Holiday in the UK, slight reprieve from day-job work in the evenings leading up to it, and my wife abandoning me to my own devices today has given me an opportunity to catch up. There also a further 28 posts in draft, which I have written over the last 6 months, that will hopefully land on the live blog soon. They have not yet been published because many of them link together, or cross-reference each other, in such a way that it will be difficult to publish individual ones until they are finished. Sorry about that.

In other news, I have received a number of emails from both people I know (typically work colleagues who have stumbled across by blog) and those that don’t. Despite not providing a mechanism to comment etc. (on old blogging software it was a nightmare to manage the spam), I still get people reaching out and engaging which is lovely. And it confirms I am not talking to myself, so thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read my blog - regardless of if I know that you, individual reader, are there I am pleased it is of use or interest.

For the purposes of historical reference, the 8 new posts over the last few days are these (in chronological order):

  1. NextCloud version tracking
  2. Hiding the Chat icon, search box and disabling Teams auto-start on Windows 11
  3. Graphical progress feedback for Red Hat and Rocky kickstart post-scripts
  4. Hyper-V and Linux (secure boot fail)
  5. Generating Rocky install media with embedded kickstarts using Ansible
  6. Easy virtual machine detection in Linux (e.g. kickstart)
  7. Fully automated reinstall of Rocky Linux with Ansible and Puppet
  8. New posts landing

Any others that appear, dated between the post on 30th October 2022 and today, can be assumed to number among to the 28 as yet unpublished ones I mentioned (which does include a second post from 30th October 2022!).