To replicate the Proxmox cluster I am (very slowly) building in my home lab, I have bought a set of 5 HP EliteDesk 800 G2 mini systems. They will be replacing my HP MicroServer and this post documents updating the UEFI firmware to version 2.60 on them.

I quickly discovered that these mini PCs do not recognise the keyboard (at least not before Windows 10, which came pre-installed, as started - they worked fine within Windows) if it is plugged in via a hub instead of directly into a USB port. I am not sure what the problem with the hub is but my much older generation Lenovo M72e PC have no issue with it.

After downloading and extracting the “BIOS update” (HP’s term, not mine, for the UEFI firmware update), I ran the bundled utility that the included HTML “readme” file claims it will format the USB drive and place the update in the right place for updating via the system’s setup utility. It lies - it placed the firmware in /Hewlett-Packard/BIOS/Current but it must be in /Hewlett-Packard/BIOS/New for setup to find it. Once this was done, however, I had no problems updating each of the systems from within their setup utility.